Our patented XP Series™ LED UV curing modules are reliable, flexible, and known as the best "light emitting diode"-based ultraviolet curing solution available on the market today. Each unit delivers high-intensity curing energy from a compact, solid-state device that is simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly ... and you can expect a quality of cure that is unmatched.


The XP Series System brings revolutionary high-power UV LED curing in a compact, solid-state device for curing printing inks, coatings and adhesives. It offers significant advantages when compared with mercury ARC UV lamps and array-based UV LED alternatives. 

  • Small, scalable, aluminum module is designed to integrate easily into all equipment, from new OEM machines to retrofits
  • Collimated UV LED optics for uniform delivery at the industry's highest intensity from as close as 5mm to as far as 150mm (6 ins.) away
  • Solid-state, liquid-cooled design with no moving parts that might lead to costly downtime and maintenance 
  • Power classes from 4W/cm2 to 25W/cm2 available via watt densities capable of meeting the widest range of curing applications
  • Robust two-phase cooling system exceeds industry specifications for semiconductor thermal management and enhances chip performance and life
  • Segmented irradiation output available at user-defined curing sections matches to the process width and saves additional energy
  • Lifetime of 30,000 hours and beyond from the chip diodes eliminates frequent bulb replacement and provides unprecedented curing consistency
  • Military-grade electrical interconnects ensure the highest industrial quality and system integrity under continuous use in any environment
  • On-board temperature safety switches combine with optional external Cool Safe monitors for the highest level of thermal protection redundancy
  • Individually replaceable LED chip diodes provide assurance of system uptime and complete upgradeability
  • Compact power and control drivers available to meet all emitting widths, voltages, power classes and system control features
  • CE, UL and RoHS conformance to meet all standard safety declarations and requirements

Flexible LED UV Working Distances for Curing

AMS LED-UV XP Series modules feature Peak Optics providing the highest UV radiant intensity available at multiple working distances, measured at over twice the intensity compared to even recent generations of comparable LED devices. 

By integrating a patent pending optical, thermal and interconnect design into a scalable module, the XP Series allows positioning at multiple distances from the substrate without significant loss of uniformity or optical power, a critical requirement for integration on printing and process machinery.

Not only does the XP Series excel at close working distance curing applications, such as ink jet and narrow webs, it provides total compatibility with more optically challenging processes found in sheetfed, cylindrical (cup, tube and bottle) and non-conformant surface curing applications.

Bigger UV LEDs for Intense Power and Energy Savings

UV Light Emitting Diodes carry great potential to save energy. But devices built around arrays or matrices of small UV LED chips and micro lens optics have struggled to deliver intensity beyond the glass, and consequently have failed to deliver energy savings.

In order to generate uniformity and compensate for working distance limitations, small chip LED UV devices often consume as much as - if not more - electrical energy than a conventional UV system.

AMS LED-UV XP Series takes full advantage of a novel large chip architecture that allows more energy density from individual chips. When combined with secondary Peak Optics it produces the greatest index of curing efficiency available. The result is proven curing at greatly reduced energy consumption.

Advanced UV LED Cooling Technology

AMS LED-UV modules were engineered with an ultra-efficient, two-phase thermal management system known as AMS CoolPhase, perfectly matched to the big chip architecture. 

The patent pending CoolPhase design both insulates and averages colder temperatures to the LEDs, simplifying the heat transfer process, and allowing greater emitting lengths to be achieved without complex internal piping or manifolding.

AMS CoolPhase ultimately enhances device performance by extending chip life, increasing radiant output, and preventing the unwanted build-up of damaging condensation in humid environments.

Scalable, Rugged, Solid State Design

Through a proprietary interconnect system known as AMS ChipConnect, the XP Series is built upon an infinitely scalable electro-mechanical architecture designed around individual large chip devices.

With the design, any combination of module length scalability between 20 mm and 2+m (1 to 80+ inches) in emitting length can be realized. 

AMS ChipConnect also provides for extremely fast replacement of individual chips, without having to replace an entire module, for the greatest ease in system maintenance and long-term operation.

The powerful, durable Peak Series XP modules are engineered in a sleek, compact, aluminum unibody housing designed for quick process insertion and removal, for maximum utility and wearability. 

Greener Process Control

A compact, modular low-voltage DC power supply, control cabinet and a low capacity chiller are all that are required to operate the system.  Large, high-voltage transformers and control cabinets with unsightly and complex air exhaust runs for ozone extraction and lamp cooling are no longer needed. 

Multiple Power Classes and Wavelengths Available

AMS LED-UV XP Series systems are available in variable emitting lengths and a range of power classes from 2 W/cm2 to 16 W/cm2 and higher to accommodate the needs of Digital, Offset and Flexo machines of all makes and varieties.

The standard delivers a dominant wavelength at 385nm (+/- 10nm) for the greatest curing compatibility with newer LED printing ink and coating formulations. Other wavelengths are available upon request.

Peak Series driver solutions range from single lamp power supplies for self-installation, all the way up to multi-lamp control systems with turn-key process integration available.


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