About AMS Spectral UV - A Baldwin Technology Co.

AMS Spectral UV is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance LED-UV, H-UV and UV ARC Lamp systems for printing and other industries. From Conventional UV to LED UV, its relentless focus on technology innovation and customer satisfaction has made AMS the go-to source for curing technologies designed for a range of industrial applications.

Changing our Industry

Air Motion Systems was incorporated in 1997 by a team of people who believe that printers specializing in high-quality printing deserve higher-quality equipment, service and innovation. AMS began by manufacturing accessories for UV plastic printers, but quickly became dissatisfied with the quality of UV systems available in the North American market.

In 2001 AMS introduced its ground-breaking UV system — a system so complete, it changed the industry. The Peak UV™ system was conceived directly from requirements laid out by the world’s most demanding UV printers. The result was next-generation technology and support that put users back in control of the process. The benefits for hundreds of customers and counting have been astounding.

In 2017, Baldwin Technology acquired Air Motion Systems, and a new company was formed - AMS Spectral UV - A Baldwin Technology Company. Positioned as the world leader in UV and LED curing technologies, the company maintains headquarters in River Falls, WI in the United States, and in Slough, which is located in the United Kingdom.

P3 UV System

In 2008 AMS introduced the P3 UV system - the third generation of its Peak UV technology - raising the bar to a new level for high-performance conventional UV curing. With a broad range of new features that can save companies thousands of dollars annually, the P3 is now the leading UV system in North America for both new presses and retrofits, and is the standard by which all other conventional UV systems must measure up to.


In 2009, AMS commercialized the world's first truly scalable, high-intensity, solid-state UV LED system designed for extremely fast curing speeds and excellent working distance range, and capable of reaching a whole new category of curing applications previously not possible. Today, our PEAK LED-UV™ technology is a patented, award-winning UV LED platform, and the only one spanning offset, flexo and digital printing. AMS LED systems take advantage of an entirely new generation of powerful UV light-emitting diode chips to deliver advanced, energy-efficient, heat-less, instant-on UV curing for a new era of environmentally friendly printing and industrial finishing. With LED technology, AMS is ushering in an unprecedented age of eco friendliness, safety and ease of use to the UV curing process. See

Universal Compatibility

AMS’s design philosophy centers around harmony and compatibility with Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our goal is to create systems that truly function as part of the press, not like an accessory. This philosophy manifests itself in everything from our space-saving cabinet designs to the unrivaled operator flexibility found in our systems.

It’s About Time

Every day, printers are pushed by their customers to attempt impossible printing feats. It’s no surprise that these are the companies who set the pace for innovation in printing equipment. AMS was created to meet the unique demands of the world’s toughest printers and, as a result, has been wired from the beginning to achieve maximum innovation. From service and flexibility features built directly into our products, to supportive online technology, AMS is not just reinventing the equipment ownership experience, but also the notion of what your time is worth.


AMS is proud to produce UV product technology that contributes to a clean, green, VOC-free world, and as a company, we practice eco-minded responsibility every day in our facility and operations.

Through a Silver LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) facility that saves 29% more energy than a standard code building, to our energy-conscious production practices and clean working environment, to the market-leading efficiency of our products, and to local community support, recycling and conservation efforts, we take great satisfaction in shining brightly each day.