The P3 UV Modular System

The third generation of AMS's award-winning Peak UV Curing System - the P3 - represents an entirely new class of UV curing. An advanced modular system that is flexible, reliable and easy to use.

The P3 UV™ system incorporates an incredible array of features and characteristics that printers and OEM's have asked for, while eliminating the problems that have commonly plagued UV printers and other UV system manufacturers.

Energy Efficiency and Performance

AMS was the first to introduce Dual Peak™ reflector geometry, which allows high-speed curing to take place at up to 45% less power-debunking the myth that a narrow focused brand of UV is required to maximize the cure.

Dual Peak not only provides the dwell time necessary to achieve outstanding cure adhesion at today's press speeds, it reduces electrical energy consumption in the press room, which saves money and contributes to environmental sustainability.

For outstanding performance, all P3 UV systems come equipped with 100% stepless power adjustment available from 400 to 600 Watts/inch maximum-power configurations.

And using a true mechanical chiller instead of a cheaper heat exchanger keeps the modules and the press running cooler and lasting longer.

Unmatched Flexibility

The P3's identical, universal modules offer unheard-of flexibility.  Need more power curing inks on a job?  A single operator can move an end-of-press module to an interstation position in minutes.  With P3 UV there is no limit to where the UV module can be located.

Every P3 UV lamp module is interchangeable between end of press and interstation.  Switching from hybrid to opaque white to true UV is now dependent only on your job, not your UV positions.

Exceptional Ease of Use

P3 UV modular components can be changed, checked, or cleaned quickly, and without tools.  UV lamps snap in easily.  Each module tracks its lamp hours automatically, regardless of changes in position.

The P3 UV modules slide into position in seconds with a guaranteed plug-and-play locking mechanism.  There are no multiple disconnects for air, water, and electrical.  Even on the largest formats, a single operator can reposition a module without calling for assistance.

Extreme UV System Durability

The P3 UV System was designed to eradicate downtime and outlast everything in its class - critical requirements for modern pressroom profitability.

Reliability is achieved through Multi-axial Motion™, a set of features designed to maximize thermal durability of moving components in the UV module, Self-healing Shutters™ that guarantee re-alignment of reflectors, and In-line Anodes™ that protect against corrosion of internal components.

P3 Modules and shutters have a seamless water circuit that eliminates rubber hoses.  Exposed fasteners and other mechanical parts that could loosen from vibration are isolated from the module body, virtually eliminating the possibility of a part falling into a press.

Because all P3 UV modules are universally interchangeable by the operator, they provide a level of system back-up and redundancy not possible from any other manufacturer.

Advanced Engineering

Like every AMS system, P3 UV is engineered to feel and function like a part of the press, not an accessory. 

From innovative cabinet designs that require significantly less floor space, to efficient routing of supply and exhaust feeds, to the low-profile fit of the UV module within the press, P3 UV performs like no other system available today.


Next-Generation Control and Support

Our intuitive PC-based control system provides full graphical controls and run-time information to the operator. And our next-generation Virtual Tech support technology permits our technicians to quickly monitor the system anytime, from anywhere in the world, to ensure smooth operations.


AMS systems are engineered to work seamlessly with all leading OEM's, including the multi-color sheet-fed offset presses from Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, manroland, Mitsubishi and others, as well as Web Offset presses from multiple manufacturers.

Optimized with E-FLEX Electronic Power

P3 UV systems are by design optimized for use with 100% electronic ballasts, such as AMS E-FLEX, which can deliver incredible curing efficiencies.