AMS P3-based Liquid-Cooled UV Curing Systems

AMS liquid cooled UV and High Wavelength HW-UV curing systems are the industry standard for conventional ARC lamp UV curing, with 100% water-cooling for performance and safety, and built entirely around our patented P3 UV modular system - renowned for its efficiency and long run RELIABILITY - and adaptable to just about any type of curing scenario. Patented and honored by multiple industry awards, AMS UV technology is the top choice for demanding printers around the world.

P3 Technology

The P3 UV is the third generation of AMS’s award-winning and patented Peak UV Curing System — representing an entirely new class of standard UV curing. An advanced modular system that is flexible, reliable and easy.

The P3 UV system incorporates an incredible array of features and characteristics that printers and OEM’s have asked for, while eliminating the problems that commonly plague UV printers and other UV system manufacturers.


The P3 UV System was designed to eradicate downtime and outlast everything in its class — critical requirements for modern printing profitability.

Patented reliability is achieved through Multi-axial Motion, a set of features designed to maximize thermal durability of moving components in the UV module, Self-healing Shutters that guarantee re-alignment of reflectors, and In-line Anodes that protect against corrosion of internal components.

P3 Modules and shutters have a seamless water circuit that eliminates rubber hoses. Exposed fasteners and other mechanical parts that could loosen from vibration are isolated from the module body, virtually eliminating the possibility of a part falling into a press.


P3 modules are identical and universal, offering unheard-of flexibility. Need more power curing inks on a job? A single operator can move an end-of-press module to an interstation position in minutes. Every P3 UV lamp module is interchangeable between end of press and print unit locations. And flexibility provides built-in redundancy that increases the availability of your system.


P3’s modular components can be changed, checked, or cleaned quickly and easily, without tools. In our standard edition, UV lamps slide into position with a guaranteed plug-and-play locking mechanism. Each module tracks its lamp hours automatically, regardless of changes in location. The operator screen

is simple and intuitive, and requires virtually no training. With P3, obstacles vanish and productivity soars.

Energy Savings

AMS was the first to introduce double parabolic reflector geometry, known as Dual-Peak, which allows exceptional curing to take place at reduced power. Increased dwell- time energy from a single bulb and flexible positioning closer to the substrate deliver the greatest curing energy density available, requiring up to 45% less power than comparable systems.

P3 E-Flex 100% electronic ballasts are standard on most P3 systems providing an ultra-efficient, high frequency waveform that eliminates dark-out phases. The “always on” energy output from E-Flex generates up to 39% greater average UV intensity. The result is a system design that reduces heat by as much as 20% and further reduces system- wide energy consumption. And owing to their modular design, E-Flex units can be boosted to provide additional power on demand for special applications.

High Wavelength (HW-UV) Compatibility

The P3 TITANIUM edition allows hybrid compatibility with both traditional UV inks and coatings, as well as with a new generation of High Wavelength UV (HUV) products, that reduce the amount of energy required for curing and eliminate the need for multiple UV units.

P3 TITANIUM opens the door to a host of new UV printing options, without placing any proprietary limits on your investment.

Safety and Support

The mechanical and electrical integrity of P3 are proven not only through stringent UL and CE certifications, but through thousands of hours of testing and faultless operation in real world conditions. Safety features abound — such as motor- driven clutched shutters — to ensure the highest levels of operator and press safety are afforded and no shortcuts are taken that might compromise system integrity.

In the realm of support, our highly acclaimed Virtual Tech support platform permits our technicians to quickly monitor the system anytime, from anywhere in the world, to ensure smooth operations.

One System, Many Presses

P3 was engineered as a single core technology to work seamlessly with all leading OEM equipment, including the multi-color sheet-fed offset presses from Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, manroland, Mitsubishi, Ryobi, Akiyama, Sakurai and others, as well as Web Offset and Flexo presses from most manufacturers.

P3 is further available for fast retrofits on installed presses, and can be specified in virtually any configuration.