AMS Light Control UV LED Power Systems

AMS Light + Control (LC) UV Power Systems are compact, portable turn-key control solutions for safely and economically powering AMS UV and LED Systems. Modular and stackable, one to dozens of UV modules can operate from a single LC Power System. And installation is a breeze.

Total UV LED Curing Intelligence

Light+Control is an exclusive from AMS designed to make the UV LED adoption process easier than ever. Gone are the days of multiple cabinet rows and massive magnetic ballasts. With today's UV LED technology, the power and control should be just as straight forward. Light+Control(TM) by AMS makes this possible.

Drops into Any Process

The Light+Control system takes all the guesswork out of operating the UV system. Run time control, over voltage protection, thermal safety, lamp selection and fault logging are as easy as it gets. Both manual and PLC operation modes are present. Fully electronic power supplies are standard. And power intensity of the lamps can be adjusted up to 100% in stepless control with your process.

We designed the LC system to literally drop in to your process. With very little experience, you can be up and running in just minutes. 

Economical and Affordable

Whether sheetfed offset, narrow web or inkjet, the LC control system delivers state-of-the-art control technology at an affordable price point. And because the systems are portable, they can quickly be moved from machine to machine to maximize their production value in your operation.

Speed of Light Installations

Today's UV technology is designed for super fast curing, and the speed of adoption should be no less. Whether performed by our experienced factory technicians and partners, or you choose to self-install, say hello to a UV installation almost as quick as the curing process.


AMS LED UV Light+Control Power and Control modules are compact, portable and can allow a printer to easily expand their curing capability at any time.