About UV LED Curing

Curing with UV Light Emitting Diodes (UV LEDs) represents one of the singular biggest shifts occurring in printing and industrial drying, assembly and finishing technology today. Not only are the systems much more energy efficient, they contain no mercury, produce virtually no heat, are instantly activated On and Off, and can be produced in a much smaller footprint and with greater optical design freedom than any previous ARC lamp UV curing system. Perhaps the largest single benefit may be in the fact the UV photo polymerization process itself - long considered one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly finishing processes - is now accessible to a much wider base of adoption than ever before.

UV LED Curing in Printing

The printing industry is perhaps the largest single user of UV cure equipment today. Whether for digital printing technologies, such as inkjet, or analog printing technologies, such as sheetfed and web offset, to narrow and wide web flexographic (flexo) technologies for labels and packages, UV curing has long been a growing technology and critical to the efficient production of an endless array of printing and packaging around us today.

The recent emergence of LED UV systems with high power intensity is quickly now opening the door for these traditional printing applications to switch from conventional mercury arc lamp UV sources to UV LED sources. For more information about how AMS LED systems are playing a role in this shift, please visit our pages on Sheetfed UV LED, Flexo UV LED and Inkjet UV LED.




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UV LED Curing in Wood Finishing

Wood finishing is an exciting new market for the application of LED UV systems technology. Numerous announcements have been made recently regarding the availability of systems that cure base coats and top coats in the wood furniture industry. The benefits are astounding. For more information, please visit our page on Custom LED UV Applications.

Additional Resources about UV LED Curing

There are a growing number of resources available on the Internet as well as through various organizations and suppliers that document the ascent of UV LED curing technology throughout multiple industries. Below is a list of some of the most useful destinations.:

International LED UV Association


LED UV.com (an AMS UV website)