UV LED testing chamber at AMS

UV LED testing chamber at AMS


Our Solution Philosophy


AMS products lead the industry in their design, flexibility and ultimate customer satisfaction. Every product we manufacture follows a set of Solution Principles to ensure customers receive state-of-the art technology, quality and service that is second to none.

Application of current technology.

Each product is conceived from the ground up with advanced 3D CAD modeling software that ensures rapid development and quality control. The latest techniques are used in fabrication, control technology and Internet-enabled software, ensuring cutting-edge performance today and an upgrade path for the future.

Advanced, modular design.

Our products are designed to be the most flexible in the industry, period. A truly modular design not only benefits manufacturing, it also provides unparalleled configuration options for the end-user. The goal is to let the customer's process requirements determine the system configuration (rather than the other way around).

Features that benefit operators to executives.

The operator wants ease of use, predictability and minimal hassles. Managers want a system that performs flawlessly on the most demanding applications with minimal downtimes. The executive team wants speed and flexibility at the lowest total cost of ownership. In short, each AMS product is built to perform to everyone's expectations – with features to match.

Quality materials and processes.

Quality starts with our manufacturing design process – providing an early-stage ability to predict quality with our advanced solid modeling design process. Our fabricated materials are engineered and produced in house or acquired from top suppliers. Durable components are designed for easy serviceability and high-availability of replacement parts. And our team of engineers and technicians represent some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry.

Unparalleled service and support.

At Air Motion Systems we’re building our success based on our customers’ success. From our full product warranty to our on-line “virtual technician” capability, our goal is to provide the ultimate customer ownership experience in the industry. Our track record and “no hassles” support program tell only part of the story – as we invite you to be the ultimate judge.