Liquid-Cooled UV Curing Engineered for Everyone

The AMS SMART-UV™ System is an all-new edition of our award-winning and patented P3 E-FLEX UV technology platform with a lightweight control package designed for a much wider range of applications. Configurations range from end-user applications, such as web offset to sheetfed offset end-of-press systems, where the full integration features of our TITANIUM platform edition are not necessary. 

Smart UV fits the bill in the following situations: 

  • A high quality water-cooled UV system is desired for safety and to reduce heat
  • Reliable motorized shutters are preferred over failure-prone pneumatics
  • Ozone-free or standard medium-pressure mercury bulbs are desired
  • High Wavelength UV or Standard Wavelength UV bulbs may be utilized
  • Multi-Flex Option to interchange with LED UV modules is desired
  • A fast, affordable, problem-free UV system is the ultimate goal

All AMS systems come with an industry standard 3 year warranty unless otherwise specified, and the SMART UV system is no different. And just like our highest performing multi-lamp systems up to 81", the SMART UV packages come in any curing size and are backed by the industry's best service team. 


SMART UV™ Package Options | Cabinets