Learn More About LED-UV Curing Solutions For Your Sheetfed Offset Press And Request The LED Lookbook - Version 2


There are a host of reasons to look into retrofitting your press with an LED-UV curing system. This improvement in the printing process replaces IR drying and UV curing systems, and offers the most secure curing of ink at the fastest possible speeds, all while providing a host of other benefits:

  • Print instantly dry sheets - save time and gain capacity
  • Remove ozone, mercury and spray powder from your pressroom
  • Say goodbye to coating to "protect sheets"
  • Preserve freshness - print sheets free of UV's "ozone" smell
  • Print on virtually ANY substrate - from uncoated papers to plastics
  • Add special-effect capabilities
  • Achieve more-vibrant colors without gloss-back or fading

When you switch to LED-UV curing, you're investing in both your business and the environment - one of the greatest benefits of the process is its low carbon footprint when compared with IR drying and conventional UV curing. 

We've done thousands of installations, and can readily equip presses from:
Sakurai & more

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