10 Things LED UV Can Do for Your Pressroom

We can now offer varnishes for EFFECT with just a printing unit
— Jason Thysse, Thysse Printing, [RYOBI 754]

7 - Perform in-register varnish effects with a litho plate

Ever wish your press had a coating tower? Or wonder if an extra printing unit could be better utilized?

A fast-growing trend with LED is to offer special effects with a litho plate and an energy-curable Over Print Varnish (OPV), while bypassing the hassle of a coating tower and all its attendant costs.

The idea is not entirely new, but the capability - now powered by LED UV energy curing - has dramatically improved. 

For clients, effect coatings can mean a lot of different things. While some may ask (and pay for) a high-gloss contrast with full strike-through effect using a Cyrel(R) plate, others may be looking for a simple way to contrast an image or text on a page, or gain a distinct feeling to the touch.

An AMS LED UV system can be used in conjunction with the most advanced coating system if the press has a dedicated coating tower to produce "packaging class" special effects.

But a single AMS LED lamp can also enable the creation of special contrast effects simply via a low-cost litho plate mask and an LED OPV. 

LED adopters are discovering stunning OPV mattes, glosses that rival AQ coatings, and velvet-touch varnishes that are capable of being cured in a single pass with very little effort.

A key advantage of LED is the ability to provide these effects in-line, single-pass, without the gloss-back associated with the conventional drying process.

Give your designers, clients, pre-press and press people some new tools to be as creative as possible on your sheetfed press with LED.

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