10 Things LED UV Can Do for Your Pressroom

LED gives us faster production speeds, greater press value, and more space!
— Thomas Ambuehl, Druckerei Landquart [Heidelberg SM 52 10 Color Perfector]
There’s very little odor with LED
— Jim Dobrzynski, Crossmark Graphics [Komori GL640]

4. Preserve the freshness of the original paper

What's the first thing smelled in an LED printed piece? Absolutely nothing!

Freshness and a neutral odor are key to most printed stocks, and it keep clients from complaining. That's because paper and non-paper substrates are typically the most expensive components of a print job and they also can provide a massive differentiation for the print buyer. 

But what happens when the printed piece doesn't smell so fresh? Unless it's the way the manufacturer intended it to be, the smell of your printed output shouldn't raise any eyebrows (or wrinkle any nostrils). A foul smell can send a signal that the quality of the printing is cheap and sub-par. 

What many do not realize is that "heat" from the conventional drying process is often responsible for foul-smelling sheets. Traditional drying in the form of IR/Hot Air, UV, and even newer forms of high wavelength energy drying, such as H-UV and LE-UV, generate so much heat into the substrates that pile temperatures climb. When bombarded with heat at various levels, the materials within the substrate and base coatings applied by the manufacturer begin to migrate as noxious odors to the surface. 

With the ever-growing volume of recycled content stocks on the market, the presence of potentially noxious and heat-activated materials in printed stocks has never been greater. It's in direct conflict with the heat applied by most printing processes. 

In contrast to other methods of drying, LED UV drying cures the ink without heat - only 100% pure UVA light - and consequently leaves the printed sheets at the same temperature they were when they entered the feeder, less any heat generated from the press itself. LED UV provides the freshest sheets around, bar none. 

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