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Do you think you’re well-versed on the differences and pressroom requirements that exist between UV sheetfed offset printing and the rapidly emerging LED-UV technology?

At the 10th annual Print UV 2017 conference (click here for the conference recap) held recently in Las Vegas, Allen Jenkins —a leading expert on UV energy curing in the sheetfed offset printing field — conducted a three-hour “LED-UV Bootcamp” during the afternoon before the conference opening reception. He created a FAQ fact sheet on how UV and LED-UV sheetfed offset technologies differ, including running cost comparisons, press chemistry and consumables, maintenance requirements and more.

Jenkins was well-qualified to do so. Working for many years in print production and management, he has consulted numerous press startups throughout the U.S. and in Europe. “The results are in and the early adopters of LED-UV are making more money, winning more customers, increasing run speeds and delivering print faster on a wider variety of substrates,” Jenkins says. “After working with dozens of companies that have successfully implemented LED-UV, I’m confident that this is a good starter list of topics for the printer investigating LED-UV.”

He also serves as executive director of the International LED-UV Association. (For more info, visit

Click here to take the short FAQ quiz to see if you’re a UV versus LED-UV offset printing ninja, neophyte or somewhere in between.

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