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Yorkshire printer is prepared to be a showcase for benefits of adding AMS LED to revitalise a mature Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102.

Yorkshire printer is prepared to be a showcase for benefits of adding AMS LED to revitalise a mature Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102.

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Bradford printer The Print Academy is likely to become the UK showcase for Flint Group and AMS technology following the completion of a retrofit installation of LED UV on a six-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102.

The Yorkshire company is the first in Europe to sign up for Flint’s Vantage LED package to manage the retrofit process. This starts with consultancy, inspection of the press, installation, training and a package of consumables that includes changes pressroom chemistry, blankets and the new Acura Evo LED compatible UV inks.

And in preparation for a flow of those interested in the retrofit package, The Print Academy has wrapped the 11-year-old press in vinyl printed with logo and messages from Flint, AMS and Druckfarben, Flint’s UK distribution arm.

The journey to the point that the print company has been testing the press on plastics and metabolised boards the end of last week, began two years ago and included a visit to Königsdruck, the Berlin printer that has been the showcase for AMS technology in Europe.

Justin McFarlin and Garry Burrows, who set up the business ten years ago, took samples of jobs including one where ink coverage reached 400%. It was fully dry in the delivery. Convinced they pressed again, becoming the first B1 retrofit in Europe. “There are a couple of retrofits in the south, but I think these are B2 presses. We will be the flagship site for B1 in Europe,” says McFarlin. “These are exciting times as we are moving forward.”

Press operators have been reinvigorated, he says. “They love the challenge. We have never printed UV before so this is something new, something different," he says. It will also be something new and different for customers, hence the work that TPA is doing to expand the range of substrates it can offer in-house. “There is a real buzz through the company,” he says. “We are going to be offering something that nobody else does.”

As well as dry sheets that can be processed at once, the company will see reductions in energy bills as power consumption falls. It has also cut IPA concentrations from 11-3% thanks to advice from Flint. Says TPA: “This will enhance our environmental credentials even further and reduce costs. And by moving over to the Acura Evo inks we can eliminate spray powder, which has huge cost and working environment benefits.”

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