10 Things LED UV Can Do for Your Pressroom

Before we’d have to wait 12, 24, sometimes 48 hours
— Jason Thysse, Thysse Printing [RYOBI 750 4 Color]
We can now do in 7 hours what used to take us 12
— Andre Adler, Adler Druck [RYOBI 780 4 Color]

5 - Get offset jobs out the door the same day

Run lengths have dropped and the frequency of jobs and plate changes has never been higher in today's printing, as more clients are looking for "digital-like" turnaround on everything with frequent copy variations. And everyone seems to want it yesterday regardless of the scenario.

Most printers offer same-day service from their digital presses, but struggle with it in their offset pressrooms. Dry sheets are typically the only thing that stand in the way.

With LED UV printing, the entire picture shifts, and your production team can deliver true offset jobs with the speed and turnaround efficiency of a digital press. Receive the files, print the plates, run the top side, flip the load, and run it right back through. Then send it directly to bindery and have your customer pick it up in the afternoon.

Not to mention you can add substrate variation, color combinations, effect varnishes and all without concern of marking, scratching or adhesion, all without a scheduling nightmare. 

Most printers adopting AMS LED systems have seen a 30-40% productivity gain on their existing presses, giving them added capacity with the ability to get more done in less time, including "same day" if needed. LED UV can quickly unlock the hidden value in your press and become your next strategic weapon to keep you ahead in the game.

Thysse Printing Services in Oregon, Wisconsin becomes one of the first printers in the USA to adopt eco-friendly LED UV drying technology from AMS. Owner Jason Thysse describes how impressed they were with how well it worked, and how quickly they became believers in LED printing on their Ryobi 750.

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