10 Things LED UV Can Do for Your Pressroom

We used to spray the ‘stuffing’ out of the paper... now everything is clean.
— Jason Thysse, Thysse Printing [RYOBI 750 4 Color]
With LED-UV we don’t need powder or protective coatings anymore
— Markus Schneider, Schneider AG [Komori Lithrone 428]
We’ve seen a 35-40% productivity gain with LED UV
— Shiro Tsukada, Kinmei Printing, Tokyo [Heidelberg CD 102 5 Color]
AMS LED UV installed on a Heidelberg Speeedmaster 102 5-Color upsweep delivery

AMS LED UV installed on a Heidelberg Speeedmaster 102 5-Color upsweep delivery

2. Eliminate quality issues from spray powder

Spray powder is the enemy of the pressroom, but it's still the most widespread method of preventing ink offsetting in the pile and to speed drying time in sheetfed offset printing.

But in today's printing where heavy ink coverage and difficult stocks are in high demand, powder use borders on the extreme in an effort to prevent off-setting. 

As powder builds up in the press it falls to the sheets which can all too often create quality problems, or cost an entire job.

The unpredictable timing of a "powder bomb" can hit just when the job is most critical, and the customer most demanding. 

The maintenance required to clean powder build-up in the press and surrounding components can be a nightmare for most printers, and at the very least, is incredibly time consuming. 

Once powder is on the sheets, their ability to accept gloss coating or lamination with any level of quality goes out the window.

Powder gets into everything in the pressroom including the expensive electrical components of your machinery, causing damage and voiding warranties.

And with more digital machines occupying neighboring spaces, the powder problem is growing even more critical to deal with.

The solution? LED UV.

AMS LED UV for sheetfed offset printing essentially eliminates all the powder from your press. Not only does the quality and predictability of your process reach new heights, but the time spent chasing after powder quality issues is eliminated. 

The night-and-day difference that clean, powder-free drying can make in offset printing is hard to underestimate. And it's a top reason printers are turning to LED UV.

Jason Thysse, Owner of Thysse Printing Services in Oregon, Wisconsin describes the agony of the old method of conventional commercial printing compared to the new way with LED UV. The waiting time for sheets to dry was often 24 to 48 hours and spray powder was pervasive.

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