10 Things LED UV Can Do for Your Pressroom

On difficult substrates it cures every time... and delivers perfectly FLAT sheets
— Danny Bower, Papercone [Heidelberg SM 102 5 Color Perfector]
Adhesion is outstanding on plastics, styrene, lenticular and vinyl
— Jim Dobrzynski, Crossmark Graphics [Komori GL40 6 Color with Coater]
Printed with LED

6 - Effortlessly mix in new, high value substrates

Poly, foil, lenticular, synthetic papers and natural uncoated offset sheets are growing in the mix, and requested not only for their functional benefits, but for their stunning ability to drive higher value in retail, direct marketing and brand differentiation campaigns. 

When a client specifies a high-value material it can quickly lead to production waste, not to mention longer drying times. But with LED UV, ink adhesion to difficult substrates is instant and drying no longer a concern.

Because LED UV inks are polymer inks by design, they adhere and dry instantaneously to about any substrate with a sufficient dyne or surface tension level. Special editions of LED UV inks are available for printing on the most difficult materials such as plastic card stocks. LED Opaque Whites perform brilliantly on metallic stocks, and LED UV inks are readily laminated or over-coated with UV, AQ or litho varnishes as needed for the process.

And because no heat is generated from the LED UV lamps, the most sensitive of plastics materials can be printed without registration issues. Whether its lenticular plastics, label stocks, or YUPO paper, the choices are limitless. 

If you already run a UV press, LED can reduce the headaches and heat from of your inter-deck lamps. LED lamps can be retrofitted to existing machines and work in concert with your existing coating process. 

If you're looking to grow your business via new substrates, LED UV is the perfect addition to your sheetfed press.


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