E-FLEX UV Ballasts Provide 100% High Frequency Electronic Power at 39% higher average output

E-FLEX UV Ballasts Provide 100% High Frequency Electronic Power at 39% higher average output

E-FLEX Electronic Ballast Power Technology

AMS introduces E-FLEX™ UV Power - a modular, efficient, solid-state UV power supply designed for energy-conscious UV printing. The 100% electronic design provides continuous, high frequency power that drives UV modules at up to 39% greater UV output for the same input versus standard systems.

E-Flex Features

The AMS E-Flex UVTM Power system offers an entirely new generation of control, modularity and energy-efficiency to drive high-intensity UV lamp systems. With E-Flex, printers gain the advantages of the award-winning P3 UV system with the added benefits of:

  • Up to 39% more UV energy at the same input power meaning a 400 W/in UV lamp runs at just 285 W/in

  • Dramatic energy savings compared to conventional IR/Hot Air dryers and existing UV power supplies

  • Low energy idle at standby at as little as 25% of lamp power, which saves energy and reduces heat build-up

  • Extremely small cabinet footprint delivered via a compact, modular, solid-state design

  • Power boosting capability to add additional UV curing power to select locations if and when desired

  • Gentle, high-frequency waveform is easier on lamp start-up and can potentially extend bulb life beyond 3,000 hours 


    Ultra High-Frequency Light Generation

    The breakthrough behind E-Flex is 100% electronic power rectification and the ability to generate an ultra high-frequency (45,000 Hz) output when compared to conventional ballasts, which produce much lower frequencies (typically 50-60 Hz).

    High Frequency eliminates the ‘dark out’ phases of traditional 50/60 Hz magnetic ballasts

    High-frequency eliminates the “dark out” phases typical of normal frequency magnetic ballasts. As a result, E-Flex outputs in excess of 39% more usable light as measured in average irradiance to the substrate over time at the same input power, resulting in superior-performance curing at less energy consumed.

    High frequency operation also reduces the ignition stress on UV lamps, which may allow up to a 3x longer lamp life (around 3,000 hours) under proper operating conditions. 


    Direct Energy Savings

    Energy savings from E-Flex UV Power can be enormous and it compounds annually. On a 6-lamp, 105cm (40-inch) UV press operating at 5,000 hours annually, as much as 140,000 kW hours can be saved each year. At current energy prices, these savings range between $8,000 and $17,000 annually on a single press. In Europe and Japan, where energy costs can be even higher, savings can range as high as $32,000 annually.


    A New Generation of UV Power

    While a new generation of LED-based UV systems are emerging that deliver even greater energy savings and operating life for UV users, the AMS P3 system powered by E-Flex provides a fully electronic, solid-state power alternative to conventional ballasts and delivers the same UV light at 28% less energy waste.

    The P3 with E-Flex offers the full benefits of high power intensity and dosage available from arc lamps at multiple points on the UV spectrum — resulting in compatibility with nearly all UV inks and coatings on the market.


    Compact, Modular, Solid State Design

    E-Flex breaks additional new ground in size, modularity and flexibility. Standard UV lamp magnetic ballasts are large in form factor and weight, and occupy equally large cabinets.

    As a result, long rows of UV ballast cabinets have been the norm on most UV installations. With E-Flex, the entire array of UV power supplies can in many cases fit into a single cabinet, maximizing real-estate on the floor and around the press.

    With E-Flex, UV power units are not only smaller and lighter, but can modularly interconnect to create higher power configurations with minimal effort.


    System Compatibility

    E-Flex UV Power from AMS is now available on all P3 UV system editions offered in a wide array of sheetfed and web configurations fitting multiple press types ranging from 10-inch (25 cm) to 65-inch (165 cm) width formats.