The Blackmore Group Accepts Prestigious Production Excellence Award

Shaftesbury, UK – The Blackmore Group was awarded the prestigious Production Excellence Award by KBA on its one-year anniversary of installing a new four-colour KBA Rapida 105 press equipped with an AMS LED UV curing system. Blackmore produces a range of high-quality commercial print, magazines, and local newspapers.  

KBA Managing Director, Andy Pang, praised the Blackmore Group for its “extremely rapid factory throughput.” Equipped with an LED UV curing system supplied by Air Motion Systems, Inc. (AMS), Blackmore can now go immediately from press to postproduction – eliminating the need for dry time and spray powder. In addition to increased production, some Blackmore clients have moved onto significantly more expensive materials because of low make-ready wastage.

Prior to purchasing the KBA Rapida 106, the Blackmore team spent the best part of a year assessing the various options for low-energy UV printing, including those from Komori, Heidelberg, and Ryobi. In the end, the environmental benefits determined that the KBA press equipped with the AMS LED curing system was the right solution for its long-term goals and its clients’ requirements. Blackmore’s Director of Marketing and Sales, David Bland, stated, “We knew nothing about UV prior to this, so it was a huge step and a leap of faith for us to go down this route. Everything has worked out really well.” 

Blackmore is a carbon neutral programme and has ISO 14001, FSC and PEFC certification. This is important to the company and its clients including the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, and Friends of the Earth. The LED UV option from KBA and AMS was the eco-conscious solution to Blackmore’s final purchasing decision. The AMS LED curing system eliminates the need for hazardous mercury bulbs, harmful ozone, and spray powder.

“Appreciating how much more eco-friendly it promised to be, we had to investigate,” Bland said. “It’s very, very exciting because it’s all positives and no negatives. Our customers are especially interested in the environmental side,” he added. “Designers, brand owners, and creatives are always looking for an edge and LED UV is a perfect fit for clients looking for the most socially-responsible, technologically advanced, and environmentally sound qualities available from print.” 

The Blackmore Group has added sales staff due to its increased production capacity. Bland added that printers’ concerns over the high cost of UV inks were misguided. “Yes, the cost of the ink is roughly three times more expensive, but that is more than offset by the significant electrical savings and the below-the-line benefits. The ability to finish jobs immediately is priceless.” 

Air Motion Systems, Inc. (AMS) is the worldwide leader in LED UV curing technology with most meters installed and years of experience.  AMS LED UV offers the highest quality and power (17w) available that increases press production and earnings, while it reduces energy costs and heat. AMS LED UV completely eliminates mercury, ozone, and the need for spray powder. 

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