AMS Demonstrates LED UV High Gloss Spot and Matte Varnishes for Sheetfed Offset Presses without Coaters

Düsseldorf, Germany

AMS, together with partners CRON and Graphic-Team Gmbh, demonstrated several stunning new coating effects using Sheetfed Offset LED UV lamp technology and an offset print unit in Düsseldorf, Germany on Thursday.

The effects achieved both deep matte and high gloss spot contrast areas over an inline litho printed image using special UV LED-curable litho varnishes, without the requirement or high cost of a coating tower.

The new SPOT LED offset printing technique is based on low-cost litho plates, where perfect registration on the image can be achieved, and avoids the cost of expensive polymer plates, coating towers, Anilox rollers  and invasive UV, and IR / Hot Air dryers. 

"A real market advantage for printers is the ability to quickly add inline coating and contrast effects on their offset presses without the high costs associated with traditional coating towers, polymer plates and energy-intensive dryers" said Steve Metcalf, President and CEO of AMS. "With the SPOT LED process, a single LED lamp and an available litho print unit can turn a conventional sheet fed press into a coating press overnight. The resulting effects are comparable to those achieved with traditional aqueous and UV coatings, but are faster and less expensive to produce."

The demand for an LED coating process has emerged quickly in conjunction with the rapid adoption of UV LED in sheet fed offset printing, where many presses do not have Coaters or extended deliveries. 

Effect varnishes for the SPOT LED process are available from multiple ink and coating manufacturers compatible with the AMS Peak LED XP Series system, and cure at the 385nm to 395nm high wavelength standard for LED UV in offset printing.

Because the SPOT LED varnishes are polymer-based, they have the added benefit of water-proofing the printed material in an eco-friendly way for a variety of end-applications, such as outdoor signs, menus and labels. And unlike traditional UV coatings, there is no UV odor to the printed material.

The AMS XP Series systems are the world's leading LED UV systems for sheetfed offset printing and can be installed in any type of sheetfed offset press, including those not originally designed for UV. The high power AMS LED XP lamp units consume 50% of the energy of a traditional UV, H-UV or LE UV arc lamps, and eliminate the ozone, mercury and heat, as well as the need to replace bulbs every 600 to 1000 hours. 

Close to 100 printers were on hand to preview the effect in Düsseldorf Thursday as part of an LED UV Open House hosted by Graphic-Team and CRON on a 5-color Ryobi 755.

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