LED UV Lights Up Austria

Dölsach, Austria – After only three months of production Oberduck lights up with Air Motion Systems, Inc. (AMS) LED UV. The local supplier for print media in Austria purchased a new Rapida 106-8 SW2+L ALV2 LED-UV FAPC to upgrade their company from conventional printing.  After working closely with the new press, the Production Manager, Michael Platter, summarized his opinion of the new machine by saying, “LED UV is the future. You can forget everything else.” 

The future of LED UV is now. Oberduck forgot their old conventional ways and turned their possibilities into new realities with LED UV. Faster production speeds and instantly dry products are two huge benefits they noticed instantaneously. However, the biggest benefit CEO Hans Oberbichler appreciates is the quality of the uncoated stock. LED UV adds significant value to the stock with brilliant colors and detail.

The new investment has allowed all 20 employees of Oberduck to react quickly with flexibility, reliability, and security. They have the capability to save wedding days, produce 100 page periodicals within a couple of hours, and print the best-uncoated stock - all accredited to LED UV. “Our customers know we offer the whole package,” said Managing Director, Silvia Oberbichler. 

The LED UV dryers and inks expensive reputations are put to rest with additional savings such as; reduced energy consumption, LED UV life of 20,000 hours, no start up or cool down waits, and increased production.  “High costs associated with LED UV inks are no longer an issue if you take these and other factors such as fewer risks when delivering sheets onto the pile into account,” said Silvia Oberbichler. 

Air Motion Systems, Inc. (AMS) is the world wide leader of UV LED curing systems with the most meters installed and years of experience. AMS LED UV offers the highest power (17w) available that increases press production and earnings, while it reduces energy costs and heat. LED UV completely eliminates mercury, ozone, and the need for spray powder. 

To learn more about LED UV and Air Motion Systems, Inc. (AMS) please visit their website at www.airmotionsystems.com or email info@airmotionsystems.com. 

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