Crossmark Graphics Talks about Success with LED UV

July 7, 2015

New Berlin, Wisconsin- Crossmark Graphics, Inc. has been one of the top printers in Wisconsin since 1987, owing it to strong family, business, and community values. However, two years ago when poised for a new UV press they answered a simple question asked by Hans Ulland of Air Motion Systems, Inc. “Do you want be a me-too printer, or above all the rest?” The answer was simple and that led Crossmark to become one of the first adopters of LED UV on a sheetfed offset litho press in North America.

Jim Dobrzynski, Sr., founder of Crossmark Graphics recently summed up the success of his response by saying “we are looking at two record years after deciding to go with LED UV.”  

Crossmark's journey to LED UV was one of patience, research, and experience. After Jim and his team determined they wanted to purchase a new press they first contemplated UV. Then they made the inestimable investment to attend the Print UV Conference four years ago. They evaluated other options but ultimately chose AMS due to their genuine desire to listen to Crossmark Graphics’ system and goals.   

LED UV has also allowed Crossmark Graphics to enhance and expand their work with plastics with the added benefit of keeping waste at a minimum. He contributes all of these successes to the new press, a great team, and the choice of LED UV. If it were possible to do redo the decision making process, they would have purchased two LED UV units verses one. Nevertheless, they said their future press will undoubtedly be equipped with LED UV.

Barry Walsh, had the opportunity to personally sit down with Jim to discuss the entire journey that ultimately lead to game changing purchase of LED UV. To access the direct interview select the link below:


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