LED UV Doubles at Consolidated Label

Sanford, Florida - Consolidated Label Co. continues to demonstrate its forward-thinking leadership role in the flexographic print industry with the purchase of a second Air Motion Systems’ LED Energy Curing Solution. The AMS state-of-the-art LED system will be installed on a recently purchased Nilpeter 22 inch, 10-color flexo press. 

Lead by company president, Joel Carmany and Operations Manager Jim Voltoline, Consolidated Label partnered with both Air Motion Systems (AMS) because of its advanced high-powered, energy-efficient LED design and Flint Group for its EkoCure LED UV curable inks. 

According to Voltoline, “The AMS LED System provides significant benefits that allows us to be even more competitive against traditional converters who tend to operate their presses with standard UV technology. The benefits of LED include: assurance of cure every time; reduced energy consumption; instant on/off; LED’s last up to 30,000 print hours; and no longer do we need to purchase expensive mercury UV bulbs.” 

Consolidated Label partnered with Flint Group and its EkoCure LED UV ink. According to Niklas Olsson, Global Brand Manager, “The LED flexo ink, EkoCure, was developed with the same technical parameters as our conventional UV curing inks – therefore it behaves much like UV inks that printers have been using for many years. The difference is that EkoCure inks have been specially developed to cure under UV LED lamps, rather than traditional mercury vapor lamps. We believe that LED curing is the future of flexo printing as it offers so many positive attributes compared to standard UV printing – including environmental and energy savings – and also increased productivity.“

“LED not only significantly improves our bottom line, it’s good for the environment too,” Carmany added. “Traditional UV emits excess levels of ozone. LED Energy Curing doesn’t produce any ozone, which is healthier for the environment and all of us who breathe. Not only does Consolidated Label believe incorporating this leading technology into our operation is the right thing to do as a good corporate citizen, it is also helping us win new business because our customers want to be associated with a green converter.” 

In 2015, Consolidated Label installed its first AMS LED energy curing system on a mid-web press for printing unsupported films and other heat-sensitive substrates. “UV is yesterday’s technology – LED is the future of flexo printing, and Consolidated Label will continue to be an industry leader,” Voltoline added. “With LED, we will be able to run our new Nilpeter press at full speed. With standard UV, we might have been able to run it at only half speed. With the AMS LED system and Flint Group EkoCure inks, it’s full-speed-ahead.” 

Consolidated Label is one of the country’s leading suppliers of custom labels, shrink sleeve labels and flexible packaging. The company produces custom label solutions for thousands of customers across a wide variety of industries including food, beverage, household, medical, pharmaceutical and promotional products. For more information, visit www.consolidatedlabel.com.

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