AMS Creates World's Largest FLEXO UV LED System for the Narrow Web Industry

AMS Sets a New Record in the Narrow Web Industry with a 7-Color LED UV Flexo Press at ACM srl in Italy

Milan, Italy - Air Motion Systems | AMS announced today the go-live of the all-new AMS FLEXO™ Series LED UV system for the Narrow Web industry at food packaging converter, ACM s.r.l. The system, retrofitted on a 7-color OMET VaryFlex F1 530mm (20.5-in) is the largest UV LED system ever installed, and takes full advantage of the benefits of UV Light-Emitting Diodes in lieu of traditional mercury lamps to reduce heat, save energy and increase productivity for label and packaging converters.

"With LED we are leading the way to a new and better place for our industry" said Massimo Raffaele, President of ACM. "We are curing at faster production speeds with better adhesion than ever before, and without primer. And there is no heat build-up to the media so we avoid registration loss on thin PET films at high web tension."

ACM is an industry leader in the European packaging community, and has received numerous awards for its innovations in Low Migration production for the direct food-contact market, and routinely print on 12 micron PET film, one of the most challenging materials in the industry. 

"By switching to LED we've made major environmental improvements in our press room, which is important to our customers and employees" added Mr. Raffaele. "From the elimination of noisy blowers, odor and ozone that were byproducts of our traditional mercury UV lamps, we've created a much cleaner production environment. Our AMS LED UV lamps activate only when production starts, consume just 1/2 the energy of our traditional UV lamps, and do not disturb any of the air around the media that could contaminate the final product".

"We congratulate ACM for being the first converter of its kind to move forward on this scale with the game-changing benefits of LED" said Carsten Barlebo, director of AMS Europe. "With the power of AMS LED and the leadership of ACM, we are truly witnessing the start of a new era in cleaner, more consistent UV curing for the narrow web industry."

The AMS FLEXO™ Series LED UV system offers a seismic shift in affordable UV LED curing technology for the Flexographic Narrow Web market. Compatible with a new generation of LED-optimized inks and varnishes from leading manufacturers, the AMS WEB Series LED system is available from single modules all the way up to 16 units at any print format width, and integrates seamlessly into OEM or existing UV press housings. With the industry's highest intensity UV LED levels and full web speed tracking control, the liquid-cooled AMS LED lamps consume just half the energy of traditional mercury-based UV systems. 

ACM will be hosting several open house events to showcase the new system to its customers and partners in the coming weeks. For more information, please contact your AMS representative or contact us at or via the following web form:

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