AMS LED Printers Open Doors for Spanish Visitors in Germany

Berlin, Germany - The largest LED UV private tour took place last week for the leading printers in Madrid and Barcelona, to see the quality, power, and efficiency of LED curing technology live in Germany’s top printing houses - MK Druck, Ubelmesser, and Koenigsdruck. These leading print houses showcased their new capabilities of instant drying on paper, metalized and synthetic stocks; with less than half the amount of electrical energy powered by AMS LED UV curing systems.  

A few of the benefits these German print houses enjoy with LED UV are: no heat to the substrate, significantly reduced power consumption, and the elimination of spray powder and toxic chemicals. These features create faster processing and lower energy costs. The results are shorter turnaround times, larger profit margins, a happier workforce, and more satisfied customers.

In the green city of Stuttgart is where one of the biggest print houses benefitting from LED UV resides - Ubelmesser. This was the first stop on the private tour where they showcased a retrofitted Ryobi 755 + L press. “Opening the door to LED UV has been a game changer for us. Immediate drying occurs evenly on matte photo printing papers with a protective coating. This saves time, energy, and money. We have no pollution of ozone, mercury, or volatile solvents, which makes our pressroom practically odorless,” said Managing Director, Eberhard Poth. “In addition, this technology has allowed us to provide higher color saturation and unprecedented dot sharpness thanks to the lower dot gain compared to offset inks.”

Spanish customers at Koenigsdruck, in Germany seeing and believing the final product with AMS LED UV. 

Spanish customers at Koenigsdruck, in Germany seeing and believing the final product with AMS LED UV. 

Koenigsdruck printing house can be found in Germany’s historic and artistic capital, Berlin. They will be highlighting the speed and efficiency of their 6-color offset Rapida 106 press. “Extremely high-power and fast press speeds results in extremely short production times with products that are instantly dry. Time is money - and this new technology saves us both. We have increased our production while decreasing our electrical cost so there is no trouble keeping up with the industry’s demands,” said Managing Director, Olaf König.

AMS has nearly a decade of experience as the industry leader in LED UV retrofits.  "We are unlike any other LED available because we have dynamic collimation with flexible and versatile lamp positioning that is a patented technology. We have the highest power available and the highest quality systems for the most efficient jobs and printers,” said Peter Reiter, from Graphic Team, an AMS team member located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Air Motion Systems, Inc.  (AMS) is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance LED UV curing systems for the print industry. Relentless passion for technology innovation, customer satisfaction, and eco-minded responsibility are the driving forces for AMS.  AMS LED UV technology offers the highest power available that increases press production and profits while it eliminates mercury, ozone, and spray powder. 

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