AMS Introduces UV LED Series for Flexo at INFO*FLEX 2013

San Diego, CA. Air Motion Systems | AMS UV announces the immediate availability of its LED-UV FLEXO Series™, a new edition of its powerful UV LED curing platform designed specifically for high speed drying of newly available LED inks and varnishes in the flexographic printing industry.  

The multi-lamp LED-UV FLEXO Series system can reduce press electrical consumption by over 50% for converters, and completely eliminate downtime related to lamp shutter faults, excessive heat, web breaks, unreliable cure, warm up/cool down, and other problems commonly associated with mercury (Hg) lamp systems. And because the system is instantly activated, there is no energy generated in standby mode. 

The LED-UV FLEXO Series was designed for fast integration into new and existing narrow and wide web printing, packaging and converting machines, and because its UV LED technology generates no heat or ozone, it further eliminates the need for chill rollers, exhaust blowers and ozone venting. Systems can be specified to meet any web width and/or press speed requirement. 

"The cost and performance of UV LED technology have reached a point where the return on investment for printers and converters can be realized in a very short timeframe" said Steve Metcalf, President and CEO of AMS. "And with recent commercial availability of the entire range of LED inks from major providers, UV LED curing is poised to have a swift impact on flexographic UV production."

The LED-UV FLEXO Series is the latest in AMS' highly successful PEAK LED-UV™ technology family, an innovative product set that is rapidly changing the UV landscape in offset and digital print production. 

The LED-UV FLEXO system from AMS will be on display at FTA's INFO*FLEX 2013 April 29-30 in San Diego with live printing demonstrations at Integrity Engineering, manufacturer of the Perfect Proofer (Booth 533), who is simultaneously introducing an LED UV edition of its proofing system. Commercially available UV LED inks from several major manufacturers will be on display. 

With headquarters in River Falls, WI near Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, AMS is a worldwide leader in the UV and LED curing revolution. For more information, please visit, or contact AMS at 715-425-5600, or alternatively via email at

For further information and resources, please visit the AMS page for FLEXO UV LED.

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