10 Things LED UV Can Do for Your Pressroom

It’s the same and BETTER at the same time
— Konrad Kyburz, Druckerei Kyburz, [RYOBI 920 5 Color + Coater]
LED raises the color brilliance and expands our possibilities with new materials significantly
— Markus Schneider, Schneider AG [Komori L-28 4 Color]

9 - Achieve more vibrant printing results

Printers running with AMS LED UV are making similar observations around the world about the quality of the LED printing process. In the words of Switzerland's Konrad Kyburz, "it is the same, and better at the same time".

With LED UV, inks are dried "up" on the sheet before they absorb into the stocks. Pigment loading can be higher as no oxidative carrier is required. The result is a much richer, more vibrant looking image, without the gloss-back and fading common on stocks with oil- and water-based inks. 

With LED UV, what you see right off the press is what you deliver to your customer, unlike conventional inks that can dull out.

Uncoated offset / natural papers are especially brilliant with LED ink, despite their challenges conventionally. 

Gloss levels of LED inks are very similar to conventional inks, hold out better on numerous stocks, and glossier than traditional UV inks. And they dry rock-hard on the sheet.

And with AMS, LED UV lamp placement is not restricted to a fixed press position. With available adapters interdeck to delivery - lamps can be repositioned to allow more opportunity for ink leveling on certain jobs if required. 

An entire gamut of specialty ink products is available for LED from multiple ink makers including Pantones, Hexachrome, metallics, whites, varnishes, effect coatings, and more. 

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