10 Things LED UV Can Do for Your Pressroom

New markets have opened because of LED UV... we’re up 10-20%
— Jim Dobrzynski, Crossmark Graphics [Komori GL40 6 Color + Coater]
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8 - Pick up new customers looking for eco-printed differentiation

Designers, brand owners and creatives are constantly looking for an edge, a message to strategically deliver at every level of a campaign. Ad campaigns today leverage the entire process, and the printing method can drive social commentary itself.

LED printing is a perfect fit for any client looking for the most advanced socially-responsible qualities available from print, and may not be aware of the environmental benefits LED printing can deliver, such as:

  • LED uses the least energy compared to any heat-based IR/Hot Air and UV/H-UV drying process
  • LED uses zero VOC non-oxidative inks with no harmful emissions
  • LED inks provide up to a 30% higher yield from more efficient formulation
  • LED allows for reusing make-ready sheets multiple times, reducing paper waste
  • LED inks are entirely safe, and can be Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) certified from select manufacturers
  • LED lamps do not contain mercury (Hg) such as that found in UV/H-UV/LE-UV lamps
  • LED generates no ozone compared to UV/H-UV/LE-UV lamps, and is safer in the pressroom
  • LED prevents heat-activated toxins from being released from papers and coatings
  • LED speeds downstream processing and streamlines inefficient resource use
  • LED reduces heat into the pressroom, reducing the load on air-conditioning systems
  • LED eliminates powder contamination on the printed product, and associated respiratory concerns 

With LED the green aspects are real - and it represents a brilliant, environmentally sound printing future, available today.

Air Motion Systems | AMS UV is a North American company transforming printing through high power UV LED. Welcome to a new era of print. 100% eco-friendly, instant drying, in-line effects, high-value substrates, fast, easy press installation, compact, durable UV LED energy at the highest intensity for maximum process speeds.

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