10 Things LED UV Can Do for Your Pressroom

I can’t imagine printing conventional again.
— Jason Thysse, Thysse Printing [RYOBI 750 4 Color]

1. Save time and gain offset printing capacity

LED UV modules from AMS work with energy curable inks and cure up to 7 colors of ink via a single lamp at full offset press speeds, delivering completely dry sheets straight to your bindery at digital speed.

An AMS LED module retrofitted at the final print unit, or in the delivery of the press instantly dries inks rock hard at up to 400% coverage.

The photo-initiation process activated by AMS' high-intensity UV Light Emitting Diodes takes just a fraction of a second, rendering inks completely dry when they hit the pile.

All this happens with as little as 10% of the energy of an IR or Hot Air dryer, and no heat is generated during the process.

The advantages to your production schedule and offset printing capacity kick in almost as quickly as the drying speed.

Load heights go higher, floor space is optimized, spray powder eliminated, marking and scratching disappear, and most importantly - sheets can be immediately backed up at full speed and fly straight into your bindery, freeing hours of production bottlenecks.

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